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Online Counselling : Get The Help You Need From The Comfort Of Your Home


Online counselling allows you to receive help from the comfort of your own home.


Online counselling gives you access to a wider range of therapies and counselling techniques.


Online counselling offers more flexibility in scheduling appointments.


Online counselling provides a comfortable and private environment for therapy sessions.

My Approach: Evidence-Based Therapy Tailored To Your Unique Needs

At my practice, I use evidence-based therapy to address your unique needs. My tailored approach ensures effective and lasting results for each individual client.

  • My approach is based on the latest research in psychology and therapy
  • I work with you to create a collaborative therapeutic relationship that focuses on your individual strengths.
  • I tailor my therapy to meet your specific needs and goals.
  • I use standardized assessments to measure progress and ensure my therapeutic intervention is effective in achieving your goals.

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With over 6+ years of experience, I have a compassionate approach to therapy. During every online psychologist consultation, I strive to create a warm and supportive environment for each of my clients.

  • 6+ years of experience in the field of psychology and therapy.
  • I have a compassionate approach to therapy with kindness, empathy, and understanding.
  • I aim to create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for my clients.
  • I am committed to helping clients achieve their goals and improve their overall mental health and well-being.

The Benefits of Speaking With an Online Therapist


Convenience and Flexibility

Online therapy will allow you to receive support from the comfort of your own home while offering greater flexibility in scheduling appointments.


Enhanced Privacy

If you feel anxious or uncomfortable in traditional therapy settings, you can significantly benefit from the added privacy and comfort of online therapy.


Therapist's Perspective

As a therapist, I believe that online therapy offers many benefits for improving mental health, including convenience, flexibility, and privacy.

As your online therapist, I believe that online therapy can offer you many benefits towards improving your mental health.

Firstly, it provides convenience as you can receive therapy from the comfort of your own home, saving you time and travel. Additionally, online therapy offers greater flexibility in scheduling appointments, making it easier to fit therapy sessions into your busy schedule.

Along with this, I understand that privacy is important and online therapy can be more comfortable for some clients who feel anxious or uncomfortable in traditional face-to-face therapy settings. Overall, I believe that the convenience, flexibility, and privacy of online therapy make it a great option for addressing your mental health needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to common questions about online counselling and how it can benefit your mental health.

Yes, online counselling has been shown to be equally as effective as in-person counselling for a wide range of mental health issues. Studies have found that online therapy can improve symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress.

Online counselling may be a good fit for you if you prefer the convenience and privacy of receiving therapy from your own home. It's also a good option if you live in a remote area or have limited access to transportation. However, it's important to note that online counselling may not be suitable for everyone, particularly those who require more intensive treatment.

To participate in online counselling, you will need a computer or mobile device with a stable internet connection. Additionally, you will need a webcam and microphone to communicate with me during sessions.

Yes, I use industry standard end-to-end encryption and other security measures to protect the confidentiality of your information. Additionally, I am bound by ethical and legal standards to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of my clients.

“Arpan's insightful guidance helped me navigate through my toughest moments with ease. I now feel more in control of my life.”

Anjali Sharma

Marketing Manager

“The profound impact of Arpan's online counselling sessions has left me feeling empowered and equipped to face life's challenges.”

Rahul Patel

Software Engineer

"I found solace and clarity during my sessions with Arpan. His compassionate approach has truly changed my life for the better."

Emily Adams

Graphic Designer

“Arpan's expertise and understanding have helped me gain a fresh perspective on my struggles, leading to remarkable personal growth.”

David Smith


Hear From Our Community

At my practice, I am dedicated to providing high-quality online counselling and therapy services that meet the individual needs of my clients. But don't just take my word for it - read what members of our community have to say about their experience with me.

My clients come from diverse backgrounds and have sought therapy for a variety of mental health issues, such as anxiety, depression, and relationship problems. I am grateful for the positive feedback I have received and am committed to continuing to provide effective and accessible mental health support to those who need it.

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